We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

Give Us A Vote!


Members of Congress are home for the August recess and seeing firsthand the strong support for comprehensive immigration reform in their communities. Organizations of all kinds are staging actions across the country,  and we’ll keep up the pressure so that members of Congress understand we aren’t going away.  The support for reform comes from across the country and across the political spectrum: our movement is comprised of immigrant, ethnic, faith, labor, business, progressive, and conservative groups. We will not stop until immigration reform is enacted.

The Senate already passed a strong, bipartisan immigration bill that will modernize our immigration system so it’s safe, legal, orderly, and humane.  A Congressional Budget Office report shows that reform will grow our economy and reduce the deficit.

Now we need the House to do its job and pass real immigration reform into law. If House leaders scheduled a vote on reform with a path to citizenship today, it would easily pass. Even Republican House members are finally acknowledging the need for reform that includes a path to citizenship. It’s up to House Republican leaders – Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and Majority Whip McCarthy – to give us our vote.

We have an historic opportunity to get it done and get it right, but the House must act. This is the best chance we’ve had in a generation to pass common-sense immigration reform. Let’s get it done, because the time IS now.

Call 888-694-4107 and tell your Congressperson to vote for a path to citizenship.