Raising the standard for good working conditions is like a chain reaction. More people will see their work life can be better.

~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida

Five Reasons to Support Katie McGinty for the US Senate


The crucial US Senate race for Pennsylvania is tight, and it could be the race that decides whether the Republicans can continue to use their stranglehold on Congress to make laws which benefit the top 1 per cent and hurt working families.

Here are five reasons to make sure you turn out and vote for Katie McGinty on November 8:

  1. Katie McGinty wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 to help working families, while Senator Pat Toomey has consistently voted to keep the minimum wage down.
  2. Our kids are the future, and Katie McGinty wants to invest in the next generation. She wants better funding for Pennsylvania’s public schools, to put a lid on the cost of going to college, and to make quality child care more affordable for working parents.
  3. Women’s rights are human rights. That’s why Katie McGinty will defend women’s access to health services, is committed to closing the gender pay gap and will fight alongside Hillary Clinton to provide paid family leave for workers.
  4. Unions are part of Pennsylvania’s lifeblood, and Katie McGinty wants to protect your right to form a union and bargain strong contracts. Senator Pat Toomey co-sponsored a Senate bill designed to destroy unions.
  5. America’s richest citizens aren’t paying their fair share in tax, while the burden falls to working families like you. It’s not fair, and Katie McGinty will push to close the loopholes that allow millionaires and billionaires to avoid paying the tax they should be while sending jobs overseas. Senator Pat Toomey voted to give the oil and gas corporations tax breaks while accepting large campaign donations from them.


You can help Katie McGinty stand up for Pennsylvania’s working families by clicking here to join your co-workers to talk with voters about why they need to come out and vote on November 8 to win $15 plus respect in and beyond the workplace!


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