Our political work has an impact on us in the workplace so it’s something we need to do in the union too.

~ Anthony Faulk, 32BJ Member, Mid-Atlantic District

Fighting for Justice at DCA

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Actor and anti-poverty activist Danny Glover visited Reagan National Airport in DC to investigate conditions facing contracted airport workers.

“The greatest anti-poverty program is a union,” said Glover, who is standing with the workers in their fight against low wages

After spending 2 days with Reagan National Airport service workers, Glover said “there’s a fight going on at our nation’s airports, a fight for justice and dignity for contracted airport workers now making poverty-level wages and facing violations of their right to organize and join a union. Last night and today I visited with contracted airport workers at Washington National Airport and their families to learn more and support their struggle.”

Glover joined the workers in an attempt to deliver a petition to airline contractor Eulen America, but Eulen refused to meet with the workers.

Off-screen, Glover has gained respect for his wide-reaching community activism at home and abroad. As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program, Glover focused on issues of poverty and economic development in Africa and Latin America, where many DCA workers come from. Nowadays, he speaks about Afro-descendants and Redefining the American Dream.

“We are energized and grateful for the support of an icon that fights for struggling workers like me around the world,” said Seble Yictbarek, a mother of two from Ethiopia, who works as a wheelchair attendant for Eulen America making just $6.75/hr plus tips from sometimes frazzled and hurried travelers. “Eulen should get the message loud and clear that we deserve better than poverty wages and mistreatment.”



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