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Frequently Asked Questions: 32BJ Schools Contract Covering Cleaners and Handypersons Employed by Custodian Engineers

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Effective October 22, 2007 through October 21, 2016

WAGE INCREASES:  Increases retroactive to April 22, 2011 will increase wages by 8½ %; increases in 2015 and 2016 will increases wages by another 9½ %.


Q:        The CBA expired in October 2007.  Why no wage increases until 2011?

A:        Increases from the earlier years were pushed forward to 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and added to the general increases of those years


Q:When will I see the 8½ % increase in my paycheck?

A:        The City has promised by January 30, 2015.




Q:        When will I get back pay for the increases I should have gotten prior to January 30, 2015?

A:        The City is aiming to pay backpay by the end of April 2015.


Q:        About how much will that be?

A:        It depends on the hours you worked and whether you worked overtime.  For example, a cleaner who worked 40 hours weekly with no overtime from April 22, 2011 forward will get about $5,460.


Q:        Will I still get this retroactive pay if I stopped working?

A:        Yes.  You will get retroactive pay owed from April 22, 2011 until the day you stopped working.


BONUS:  $1,000 those who worked 2080 hours in the last 26 pay periods, prorated for those who worked less than 2080 hours


Q:        When will I get the bonus?

A:        The City has promised by January 16, 2015.


Q:        How is the bonus pro-rated?

A:        If you worked 2080 hours or more in the 26 pay periods prior to November 20, 2014, you will get $1,000.  Otherwise the bonus will be pro-rated based on the number of hours you worked during those 26 pay periods.  For example, if you worked 1040 hours in those 26 pay periods, you will get $500.


Q:        Are overtime hours included in determining the number of hours worked?

A:        Yes.  However, the maximum bonus for any employee is $1,000.


LUMP SUMS: Paid to actives who have been continuously employed in the school system as of the payout dates.


Q:        What are the lump sums?

A:        The lump sums are not back pay.  They are calculated based on the earnings you would have received had the 2007-2009 schedule of increases not been pushed forward to 2013 through 2016.


Q:        Who gets the lump sum?

A:        Anyone currently employed by a Custodian Engineer who has been continuously employed in the school system as of the date of the payout.  There are five payout dates.


Also, anyone who retires from active employment between October 22, 2007 up to and including December 17, 2014, will get the lump sum without having to wait for the payout dates.  Anyone who retires after December 17, 2014 will get the lump sum on the payout dates.


Q:        What are the payout dates for active employees and those who retire after December 17, 2014?

A:        July 1, 2015, no payout in 2016, then each July 1st from 2017 through 2020.


Q:        If I am terminated before the payout date do I get the lump sums?

A:        No, because the lump sum is only paid to employees who are on active payroll as of the date of the payout.  But if you have been discharged and get reinstated with back pay that includes the date of the lump sum payout, you will be paid the lump sum.  But if you are reinstated without back pay you won’t get the lump sum.




Q:        Will we be getting the prevailing wage now that we have a contract?

A:        We will continue to work with the city to get the prevailing rate for employees of the Custodian Engineers.  The contract says that if a law is enacted that requires you to be paid the prevailing wage, or if there is an agreement to pay you the prevailing wage, then you will be paid the prevailing wage instead of the contract rate.  The lump sums payable after the date prevailing wage is in effect will be absorbed into the prevailing wage.


The City Council is scheduling a hearing on the Living Wage legislation; that legislation clarifies that the CE’s employees are entitled to the prevailing wage.


Q:        What is the prevailing wage rate and how does it compare to the wage rates under the new agreement?


Prevailing Rate Contract Rate Difference
2014 $23.30 $19.72 $3.58
2015 $23.85 $20.62 $3.33

Prevailing Rate Contract Rate Difference
2014 $25.40 $22.11 $3.29
2015 $26.12 $23.12 $3.00





Q:        Is our deal the same as the teacher’s pattern?

A:        Yes.  But because the teachers’ contract took effect in 2009 and continues for nine years through 2018, and our contract takes effect in 2007 and continues for nine years through 2016, we get the same raises earlier than the teachers got them.


Getting the prevailing wage will set the wages so that we are not always caught up in the municipal bargaining cycle which has deprived us of wage increases for years.