The union is only as strong as we are. If we don’t get up and fight things stay the same with the 99% and the 1%.

~ Kim Squirrel, 32BJ Member, Western Pennsylvania

Airport Workers Rising

Workers are taking action in Boston, New York and Philadelphia to highlight the crisis of low wages and poor standards across our nation’s airports.

In Boston, nearly a thousand contracted workers working at Logan Airport declared that they have chosen 32BJ SEIU as their union and are demanding better pay and benefits, dignity, respect and a voice in the workplace. The event was addressed by former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, who said, “Let’s make sure you get a union…. This is about justice and dignity.”

In New York, baggage handlers, sky caps, wheelchair attendants and passenger service representatives at JFK International Airport walked off the job to protest intimidation and harassment from their employer Alstate Maintenance. The workers have faced unfair labor practices, including unfair disciplining of workers seeking to organize their workplace.

And in Philadelphia,  workers for airline contractors PrimeFlight and Prospect at Philadelphia International Airport rallied to call on their employers to implement the $10.88 minimum wage that the city’s voters approved in November, as well as for the right to form a union without interference.