Everybody should have a union…. It gives us a voice. It gives you the power to change things that need to be changed.

~ Leslie Williams, 32BJ Member, New Jersey

What We Accomplished in 2016


We are proud of the work we did in 2016. We came together as we always do to win great contracts and organize non-union workers into our union. We lead on the fight to improve our communities. We defended our jobs against unscrupulous bosses, building owners and contractors. And we did all of this together: 18,014 members came out and participated to make all this a reality!

Download the 2016 Accomplishments report here:



We organized nearly 4,000 non-union workers up and down the East Coast and laid a strong foundation to bring in thousands of airport workers into our union in 2017:

  • 1,764 airport workers in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the Capital Area District and Fort Lauderdale;
  • 741 security officers in Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Capitol Area District;
  • 463 residential workers in New York and New Jersey;
  • 695 commercial cleaners in Connecticut, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Capitol Area District;
  • 121other workers in the Philadelphia area.


In 2016 18,014 32BJ members were active with their union! We expanded member leadership and involved more members at all levels of activity:

  • We trained and activated over 150 members a part of our first-ever Social Justice Leadership Academy;
  • We developed the leadership of over 1,000 members through leadership assemblies in every district and division in our union;
  • We reached our goal of having 5% of our membership involved in our political campaigns: over 7,000 members came out to a wide range of political activities over the course of 2016;
  • We increased member participation in ADF to 33% of the union contributing an average of $2.14 per week to 32BJ’s social justice program;
  • We have signed 40% of 32BJ members on text and/or email.


We won strong contracts for over 50,000 working men and women up and down the East Coast:

  • 18,500 security officers in New York City, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Washington DC;
  • 7,000 school workers in New York City and Philadelphia;
  • 15,000 commercial cleaners and university workers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island;
  • And we won the first ever union contract for 8,000 airport workers in New York and New Jersey after a years-long organizing campaign!

We negotiated dozens of other contracts and won in every case:

  • In the Hudson Valley: Country Clubs;
  • In New Jersey: food service workers;
  • In New York City: Barclay’s Center, Broadway League of Theaters, window cleaners, Citi Field;
  • In Pennsylvania: Carnegie Mellon University, Lehigh Valley, Allentown;
  • In the Capital Area District: Walter Reed Medical Center;
  • In Florida: University of Miami, Fisher Island, Nova University.

We supported the national Fight for $15, won a historic path to $15 in New York and took leadership of the campaign in New York City.
We continued to support and work with Build Up NYC. We supported Verizon workers and their union, CWA, over an 8 month strike that resulted in victory, and built new alliances with worker, community and religious organizations up and down the East Coast.


We passed laws and enacted policies to improve and protect our jobs and our communities:

  • New Jersey: paid sick leave in Plainfield and Morristown;
  • New York: raised the minimum wage to $15 for most New Yorkers; prevailing wage for school cleaners, improved displaced worker & paid leave legislation;
  • Pennsylvania: we extended the prevailing wage to security officers and other service workers in universities, hospitals and stadiums;
  • The Capital Area District: won a path to $15 and passed paid family leave in Washington DC;
  • Florida: Living wage in Broward County.

We fought back to protect our jobs against unscrupulous building owners and contracts in Connecticut, New Jersey and Philadelphia.
We won important local races and ballot initiatives in Virginia, Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
We won over $6,000,000 in back pay for 32BJ members, resolved over 15,000 grievance claims and saved over 1,000 32BJ jobs.


Our members, staff and officers played a leadership role at the SEIU convention.
We continued to improve our dues and ADF collection through the V3 system.
We managed our budget efficiently and are entering 2017 in a strong fiscal position.