We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

We Won’t Back Down!


Today Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. With anti-worker Republicans in control of both houses of Congress and an incoming cabinet made up of billionaires, the Wall Street elite, and the worst kind of bosses around, millions of working families face the very real possibility of having their safety, livelihood and future jeopardized. And as the strong and forward-looking union we have always been, we are determined to keep fighting and winning for all working families; fighting for good contracts, holding Trump and our elected officials accountable on their promises to create good jobs, and defending our communities from any attack on their rights.

We are committed to doing what we do best: organize. Our union is one of the most strategic and effective unions in the country. We are proud of our many successes and how together we have changed lives; we have no intention of letting those victories be overturned. We will protect our hard-fought gains and beat back any attempts to chip away at our wages, benefits and quality jobs. We will fight for and defend our worker and union rights. We will reach out to workers everywhere – in unions and not yet in unions; in our geographies and outside of them – and share our vision and plan for how to fix the system. We will build upon and expand the Fight for $15, which is as crucial and vital as ever. We will continue to organize airport workers and non-union workers in all of our geographies. We will throw out “politics as usual” and re-imagine how we make change within our democratic system.

We will seize the moment and do everything we can to channel the anger out there and bring people together to have a voice in the political system. We will stand together to achieve our vision for an America where all work is valued and every family in every community across our country has the opportunity to thrive.

We’ve been here before, we know how to fight back, and together we will prevail.