Officers and Leadership


Héctor J. Figueroa was elected President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union, the largest property services union in the country, in 2012.  Under Héctor’s presidency, 32BJ has grown by nearly 50,000 members and has passed dozens of local and state policies protecting and lifting working families up and down the East Coast.

LARRY ENGELSTEIN, Executive Vice President

Larry Engelstein, Executive Vice President, serves as 32BJ’s Director of Collective Bargaining and Employer Relations. In that capacity, he directs the union’s collective bargaining in eleven states and Washington, D.C.; works with its associated benefit funds; and coordinates relationships with major employers.

KYLE BRAGG, Secretary-Treasurer

Kyle Bragg is 32BJ’s Secretary-Treasurer. A member of 32BJ for more than 30 years, Kyle serves as trustee of several 32BJ funds and as chair of the union’s social and economic justice committee. In 2001, he led the merger with Local 32E, bringing 9,000 Bronx and Westchester members into 32BJ.

LENORE FRIEDLAENDER, Assistant to the President

Lenore Friedlaender, Assistant to the President of 32BJ leads the member representation work for Hudson Valley and Long Island.  Lenore was the second woman elected as a Vice President of 32BJ since it was founded in the 1930s, and she is the first woman elected as Assistant to the President.


Shirley Aldebol, Vice President, oversees 32BJ’s contract grievance center and schools division in the New York Metro area.

KEVIN BROWN, Vice President

Kevin Brown, the New Jersey State Director of 32BJ SEIU, is also a Vice President of the union. Kevin has been involved in the trade union movement since 1987, when he started working for SEIU as an organizer.


Jaime Contreras, Vice President, heads 32BJ’s Capital Area District, which has over 17,000 members in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area and Baltimore, Maryland.

JUAN HERNANDEZ, Vice President

Juan Hernandez began working with building service workers in Connecticut in 1993, and he has been defending labor rights since the early 1970s.

ROBERT HILL, Vice President

Rob Hill is Vice President of 32BJ SEIU. He directs the organizing program for all of SEIU 32BJ and leads the Fight for Fair Economy initiative in all 32BJ states, a new movement to make good jobs and fairness features of the nation’s economy.

ALISON HIRSH, Vice President

Alison Hirsh has been working for 32BJ SEIU since 2007 and became Political Director in late 2010.

DENIS JOHNSTON, Vice President

Denis Johnston is a Vice President of 32BJ SEIU. As director of 32BJ’s Security Division, Johnston coordinates the union’s security program throughout all of its jurisdictions. He also leads the New York Metro commercial division.

GABE MORGAN, Vice President and Pennsylvania State Director

Gabe Morgan is Vice President and 32BJ PA/DE State Director, which includes 21,000 workers throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. The districts include: Mid-Atlantic, District 1201 and Western Pennsylvania.


Manny Pastreich has been involved in the labor movement for as long as he can remember. Growing up he attended demonstrations, bargaining sessions, and building visits alongside his father who led SEIU health care locals in Massachusetts.

ROXANA RIVERA, Vice President

The daughter of Salvadoran immigrants who fled the Central American country in the 70s, Roxana Rivera has been organizing low-wage workers for over twenty years, fighting for workers’ rights and justice for immigrants.

JOHN SANTOS, Vice President

John began his career in the labor movement as a porter at a downtown Manhattan building in 1992. His experience as a 32BJ member inspired him to become a shop steward and then, in 1998, to work for the union as a delegate.

JOHN THACKER, Vice President

John Thacker, President of the 32BJ National Conference of Firemen and Oilers District, began his union career in 1979 as a laborer for the CSX railroad in his hometown of Russell, Kentucky.