Our political work has an impact on us in the workplace so it’s something we need to do in the union too.

~ Anthony Faulk, 32BJ Member, Mid-Atlantic District

Yeny Nuñez

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Yeny has been a 32BJ member for four years and she was an MPO this year, helping to elect Chris Murphy to the U.S. Senate this year as well as supporting President Obama’s re-election and other candidates who support working families.

We’ve gotten a lot through our political action. It’s an investment in our future. With the American Dream Fund we have influence and we have a voice. We want paid sick days and holidays, better wages and immigration reform so we support politicians who will pass laws that help us and our families.

Yeny emphasizes the importance of taking action and donating to the American Dream Fund and she encourages other members to do both.

 Without the American Dream Fund we can’t elect those who will pass the laws that support us as workers. Everyone always thinks about what they give but really we gain so much more from our contributions than we give. I work with other member leaders in my area and when we have new members we always explain ADF to them and encourage them to join us in contributing.

So how did she get so many people to donate?

 It can be hard but I tell members about the importance of the union’s political work. After I talk to members they understand that if they want a sick day, we have to get politicians to pass a law that gives us the right to paid sick days. It’s the same for vacations, for medical coverage and for all benefits. The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union. Because of our political action we won the right to a 15-minute break in Connecticut. I tell them that’s why political action is important. We’re fighting for all the workers.