Our political work has an impact on us in the workplace so it’s something we need to do in the union too.

~ Anthony Faulk, 32BJ Member, Mid-Atlantic District

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Equal Pay For Equal Work Rally

Everyday more than one million public school children depend on dedicated school cleaners and handy persons to maintain a safe and sanitary learning environment, yet they earn 25 percent less in wages than contracted cleaners in other city buildings.

A fair wage is overdue.

School cleaners have been working without a contract for 7 years. Recent budget cuts, reductions in staff and deteriorating school buildings have forced school cleaners to work harder than ever. School cleaners are taking a stand to demand that the city stop shortchanging its schools and demand for Equal Pay for Equal Work for its workers.

During this past election cycle, member turn-out hit record numbers for our mayoral candidate, and our picks for Controller, Public Advocate, and City Council seats. We elected them. It is now time to hold them accountable to their promises to the community of a better and more equal New York City and demand that school workers have the right to a fair wage.

April 30, 2014 | 11:00am
New York City Hall
260 Broadway, New York, NY, 10007, United States
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