Raising the standard for good working conditions is like a chain reaction. More people will see their work life can be better.

~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida


Welcome to 32BJ SEIU Schools

Nearly 10,000 of us work in public schools, as well as colleges and universities, as cleaners, building engineers, maintenance workers, school bus drivers, aides, and food service workers. The 2,700 members of District 1201 working for the School District of Philadelphia just voted for a contract that saves jobs and keeps schools safe and clean. The 5,000 public school members of the New York Metro District are fighting for a new contract.


We are powerful because people like you have stepped up to join the fight. We need your help leading contract campaigns, organizing non-union workers, and taking political action. If you’re interested in joining the fight and getting important union updates, fill out the contact information below:


Public School Cleaners Cheated Out of Fair Pay Due to Loophole in State Labor Rules
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Our Opinion

The Mayor said YES!
Our fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work got a big boost when Mayor Bill de Blasio told us he supports our goal. Read More »
The City Council Heard Us
Our campaign for Equal Pay for Equal Work intensified as NY schools members testified to the City Council about the effects of the pay disparity among our membership. Read More »
Stand With 32BJ School Cleaners
NYC schools cleaners were out there in the snowstorm this week, and many still aren’t getting paid the same as others who do the same job. Read More »
Our Fight Continues
NYC school cleaners and handypersons employed by custodian engineers of Local 891: we’ve won a contract, but there’s more to do. Read More »