I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

Key Campaigns

Big Apple Area Airport Workers Take a Stand

Workers at Newark Liberty International (EWR), John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA) airports are struggling for justice, respect and a voice in their workplaces. They work for contractors hired by airlines and terminal operators and they struggle to get by on wages as low as $8.00 per hour.



Big Apple Area Airport Workers Take a Stand
Workers at Newark Liberty International (EWR), John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA) airports are struggling for justice, respect and a voice in their workplaces. They work for contractors hired by airlines and... Read More »
Low Road on the High Line
Luxury buildings have shot up along the High Line park in Manhattan, as developers take advantage of the public park’s beautiful views. But in too many of these buildings, tenants pay millions for their... Read More »
New York City’s School Cleaners Are Not Paid a Fair Wage
New York City’s 5,000 school cleaners keep our public school buildings safe, sanitary and well-maintained. But they have been working without a contract and a raise for five years. Read More »
Madison Avenue Office Cleaners on Strike
When it took over cleaning 295 Madison Avenue, Novel Services Group slashed the cleaners’ salaries by nearly half and eliminated their health insurance and other benefits. At another nearby property, 286 Madison Avenue, 32BJ... Read More »
Florida Airport Workers Fight for Respect and Justice
More than 1,500 workers provide crucial passenger, ramp, and cargo services at Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport. These airport workers provide crucial assistance to the traveling public, yet they are subjected to unconscionably... Read More »
Justice for Philly Airport Workers
While US Airways makes record profits, many of the men and women who provide important passenger services at the Philadelphia International Airport are left in poverty. Read More »
Raising Standards for Baltimore Security
Private security officers in Baltimore are launching a new campaign to improve standards for nearly 1,000 workers citywide who earn as little as $9 an hour, drastically below Baltimore’s Living Wage of $10.59. Read More »
Airport Workers Take a Stand for Good Jobs
Thousands of workers at JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, Philadelphia International and the Fort Lauderdale airports are uniting in the fight to raise their pay, benefit and training standards. Many essential passenger services like security,... Read More »
Pass the Displaced Worker Act in Westchester County
32BJ members are working in the Westchester County Council to pass the Displaced Worker Protection Act. Property service workers are sometimes fired when a new contractor is hired in a building, even when the... Read More »
Fort Belvoir Janitors Deserve a Fair Contract
The janitors at Fort Belvoir deserve to have their rights at work protected, and they deserve a fair contract. Please sign up to show your support. Read More »
Securing Our Future in Philadelphia
Private security officers in Philadelphia are taking a stand for good jobs and the respect that each of us deserves. Together, we are fighting to win union representation with 32BJ and contracts that raise... Read More »
New Jersey Security Advance
32BJ now represents about 500 private security officers in New Jersey: We’re organizing to raise that ten-fold because our strength is in our numbers. When workers in our industry unite to fight for better... Read More »
Connecticut Stand for Security
Our campaign to help security officers in Connecticut to win better standards is new. The conditions officers face are not. Low pay, few benefits, limited training are typical. We are uniting for respect on... Read More »
Building Standards at Cornerstone
We’ve spent decades establishing decent pay and benefit standards for property service workers in New York City’s residential sector – and we’re not about to let them slip. When new buildings join the cityscape,... Read More »
Fighting for High Standards on New England Campuses
About 5,000 New England District 615 members work as custodians, food service workers, security officers, carpenters, plumbers and groundskeepers at 45 colleges and universities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Read More »
Raising Standards for New England Security
Since 2007, security officers in the Boston area  have come together to improve standards in the industry. Boston and Cambridge security officers ratified their first agreement in 2009 with seven major security contractors. The... Read More »
Boston Airport Workers Fight for Respect
Passenger service workers at Boston’s Logan Airport are fighting for improved standards and quality jobs. Right now, there are 1,500 subcontracted airport workers—including aircraft cleaners, baggage handlers, skycaps, wheelchair assistants and ticket agents—who have... Read More »
Justice for Janitors
In 2002, the janitors of SEIU 615 went on an historic strike to lift standards in New England’s cleaning industry. Since then, they have continued to improve the quality of cleaning jobs, winning better... Read More »
Honoring Our Commitments
Janitors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are committed to ensuring that our nation’s veterans have safe and sanitary rooms. But federal cleaning contractor Escab Enterprises has failed to honor its commitments... Read More »
Raising Standards City-Wide
Contracts covering well over 10,000 private security officers in New York City expired in the spring of 2012. We stood together – with security officers in other 32BJ cities and 32BJ members from the... Read More »
Raising the Heat on Miami Cleaning Contractors
Office cleaners in Miami are taking a stand for good jobs. They’re united in the fight to raise pay and benefit standards. Read More »
Struggle Continues at East 52nd Street
Things have been quiet through the holidays at 350 East 52nd Street but that does not mean the fight is over. 32BJ members decided to go back to work this past October while the... Read More »
Taking Action Against Troubling Developments
The price is high for workers – not just buyers – at AvalonBay luxury apartment buildings. The company and its contractors have a long list of safety violations during construction and its property service... Read More »
Bringing Justice to Campus
All too often, food service workers get served a rotten deal: poor pay, few benefits, and unfair treatment. Janitorial workers at the University of Miami fought  for better standards – and with 32BJ, they’re... Read More »
Protecting Workers from Displacement
We’re working to pass a law in Montgomery County, Md. that would protect low-wage workers’ jobs for a set period of time after a new cleaning contractor comes into a building or it is... Read More »
Securing the Dream
The fight is on to defend the DREAM Act in Maryland, which gives undocumented students a shot at the American Dream by allowing those who grew up in the state to pay in-state tuition... Read More »
D.C. Security Officers March On
In the last five years, private security officers protecting D.C.’s commercial office buildings have won the fight to join the union – and today a majority of this part of the industry is 32BJ.... Read More »
Stand for Children, Stand for Public Schools Saves 2,700 Jobs
Our strong stand saved 2,700 jobs in Philadelphia this summer. The jobs of every 32BJ member working for the School District of Philadelphia were on the chopping block because of enormous state and city... Read More »
Don’t Get Conned by Con Ed
Con Ed presents itself as a “public service” corporation, but this company is really about private gain, with profits that topped $1 billion in 2011. Con Ed CEO Kevin Burke had total compensation last... Read More »
Bad News Employer
The Hartford Courant should be reporting the news, not making it. But last year when the company replaced its long-time union cleaning contractor with a nonunion one, and eight 32BJ members were summarily fired,... Read More »
Hudson Valley & Fairfield County Office Cleaners Secure Wage Increases for Next Four Years
The  3,300 commercial cleaners in Hudson Valley, NY and Fairfield County, CT culminated 2011 with a new contract that provides cleaners with a nearly 13% increase in wages over the four-year life of the contract. Read More »
Allegheny County Commercial Cleaners Protect Good Jobs with New Contract
More than 1,100 commercial building members of 32BJ clean Allegheny County office buildings. 32BJ members clean prominent buildings in downtown Pittsburgh including the US Steel Tower, PPG Place, and BNYM Center. In the fall... Read More »