The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union.

~ Yeny Nuñez, 32BJ Member, Connecticut

All Politics Is Local: Why I am Supporting Joe Hohenstein in Pennsylvania

by Lynda Thomas

As women, this election is the most important decision we may ever make. The choice is clear: we can choose candidates who sexually harass and assault women. We can choose candidates who turn a blind eye to sexual assault and put forth anti-women policies. Or we can elect candidates who will fight for women and all working people.

Women cannot afford to elect the “Terrible Ts” in Pennsylvania: Trump, Toomey and Taylor! This election matters at the federal and state level for our families and our future.

Everyone knows what Trump has said and done. The way Trump treats women is deplorable and disgusting. What’s even worse is that his Republicans friends like Pat Toomey and PA Rep. John Taylor still support him!

We cannot afford to elect Trump or any of his Republican supporters like Pat Toomey and John Taylor.

If you go to Rep. Taylor’s campaign office, the first thing you’ll see is a giant poster of Trump. He stands with Trump. Rep. Taylor isn’t for women—he just supported the worst anti-choice bill in the country. Meanwhile, Pat Toomey said he would jail doctors who perform abortions and cut cancer screenings for women.

Right now, Trump is dangerous for his words but Taylor and Toomey are dangerous for their actions.

We cannot afford the Terrible Ts: We can do better in Harrisburg and we can do better in Washington.

We have great candidates to support. We know Hillary Clinton is standing with us on all our issues.

Katie McGinty is awesome on issues that matter to 32BJ members. She has always stood with the Fight for $15. She stands for equal pay for women. I know what it feels like to do the same job a man does and get paid less. Katie will also protect Social Security while Pat Toomey wants to privatize it. This is outrageous.

And right here in Philadelphia, we have Joe Hohenstein, a Democrat running for state rep. He cares about jobs and fairness for people in all the neighborhoods. He treats everyone fairly. He stands for strong public schools. My grandchildren need good schools so this election is personal for me.

Joe Hohenstein is a Democrat and comes out into the neighborhood and cares about the community. One day a woman came into his campaign office who was strung out on drugs. He drove her to the hospital and may have saved her life. This is the kind of person we need in Harrisburg.

I  support Joe Hohenstein for State Rep, Hillary Clinton for President and Katie McGinty for Senate because the stakes have never been higher. While Republicans try to divide us—by insulting half the country’s population—we refuse to let them. We are stronger together.

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