The union is only as strong as we are. If we don’t get up and fight things stay the same with the 99% and the 1%.

~ Kim Squirrel, 32BJ Member, Western Pennsylvania

VICTORY! #WhenWeFightWeWin!

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by Roxana Rivera
Vice President of 32BJ SEIU

With perseverance, hard work and the help of you all, our brothers and sisters at Cross Point, Lowell, MA and Nagog Park in Acton, MA are winning the battle against injustice. An administrative law judge has ordered cleaning contractor Emerald Green to pay back thousands of dollars in back wages and benefits and offer jobs to dozens of 32BJ members at the Lowell office building where they previously worked; 900 Chelmsford St in Lowell and 103 Nagog Park, Acton, MA.

Our sister, Sylvia Clark, who has worked at Cross Points for years says it better than anyone:  “With the law in our hands, we will win. If we stick together, we will always win.”

This is a tremendous victory, not only for the hardworking brothers and sisters of Cross Point and Nagog Park but for our entire union and it should be wakeup call to irresponsible building owners and contractors out there.

Together we can stop irresponsible companies from undermining a standard that we have fought so have to uphold. Together, Sylvia, Ana and the dozens of workers marched, went on strike and testified in the courtroom to protect their jobs and their families. They are the living proof of our motto: #WhenWeFightWeWin!

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