I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

The Mayor said YES!

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Our fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work got a big boost at February’s School Members Meeting when Mayor Bill de Blasio told us he supports our goal.  Member Donna Perez asked the mayor whether equal pay for equal work will be resolved?

His response? YES!

“You can’t be a progressive and not believe in equal pay for equal work,” the mayor said.  He also offered assurances that any restructuring plans will include protections for all school cleaners, including those who work for a contractor.

Mayor de Blasio also praised the work of school cleaners and called the current system we work under “antiquated.” “It’s time to bring this system into the 21st century,” said de Blasio.  “We’re embarking on a discussion of what it would look like … a way that’s fair.”

This is good news. And the mayor’s support will add even more momentum to our campaign for Equal Pay for Equal Work. As the mayor said, “The future looks bright. We’re on a march…Together we can do great things.”

Now that we know the mayor is with us, we’re closer than ever to our goal for Equal Pay for Equal Work. Stay tuned for more updates.

We want to thank everyone who came out to attend the meeting. Your show of solidarity showed the mayor that we are united, strong, and committed to our goal to end income inequality.

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