We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York

Residential Contract Ratified

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We’ve counted the ballots and it’s official: New York residential members have overwhelmingly voted yes to ratify our new contract agreement! We got more YES ballots than ever before.

This contract protects our benefits, including family health care that is fully paid by the employer, and includes our biggest raise in decades. Over the next four years, this contract increases annual pay for doormen and porters by more than $5000.

“I am very happy that we were able to get a fair wage increase without going on strike,” said Scott Cohen, a doorman on Manhattan’s upper East Side. “The fact that our health care stayed affordable is a big relief.”

“With costs going up every year in the city, this contract will mean that we can keep up,” said Julia Rodriguez, who has been a handyperson for 15 years.

We still have work to do. Now that we have ratified the contract, we need to make sure that every employer honors this agreement.

In addition, the union is now working to get a new contract for residential workers at Co-op City in the Bronx, where the current contract for 500 workers expires in June. 32BJ has also launched a campaign for decent raises and to maintain benefits for apartment building workers in Hudson Valley, whose contract expires in September. Contracts for residential workers in New Jersey and the Bronx also expire in the next year.

We also need to keep fighting for non-union residential workers so they can have a chance to make ends meet and live in this city and so we can protect what we’ve fought so hard for over so many years.

“Our union is now taking the campaign for fair wage increases and to maintain health and retirement benefits to the Bronx, Hudson Valley and New Jersey. We have also turned our attention to the small number of luxury buildings, such as some of those on the High Line in Manhattan, that refuse to pay their employees a decent wage and affordable health care,” Figueroa said. “We are committed to making sure that all New York City apartment building workers can afford to live in the city where they work.”

Thanks again for all your work to build our union and win this contract. It was the hard work of every member who got involved, who talked to coworkers and who marched that got us to this victory.

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