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Puzder Is Unfit to Serve as Labor Secretary

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Protest during lunchtime rush at local McDonald’s against Trump Labor Secretary nominee and CKE CEO Andy Puzder

Monday, February 13th at 12:30 pm

McDonalds at Corner of Broadway and Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan
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We are joining fast food workers in New York City this Monday February 13th in a protest at McDonald’s to stress our opposition to the company’s recent support for Andy Puzder. The protest in New York is one of more than two-dozen rallies across the country Monday to declare that Puzder is unfit to serve. Hundreds of fast-food cooks and cashiers will also converge on CKE’s corporate offices in Anaheim, Calif., and on Hardee’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.

Why we oppose Puzder as Labor Secretary

Andy Puzder’s nomination has been questioned by a drumbeat of complaints against the fast-food mogul and his chain, including rampant wage theft, sexual harassment, tax avoidance, domestic abuse, and sexism. Here are some details:

Monday’s actions follow a series of damaging revelations about the controversial Labor nominee. Puzder’s restaurants have a long and troubled history of worker abuse. In late January, workers filed 33 complaints with state and federal agencies alleging wage theft, sexual harassment, and retaliation and intimidation against workers trying to organize on the job. In 60 percent of Department of Labor investigations since 2009, CKE restaurants and franchises were found to have violated wage and hour laws. Since Puzder became CEO of CKE in 2000, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which falls under the DOL, has found 98 safety violations at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s locations, with 36 of them capable of causing death or grave physical harm.

According to CKE’s latest financial disclosures, Puzder makes as much as $10 million a year, which means he makes more in one day than he pays his minimum wage workers in one year. Despite this, he has been an outspoken opponent of minimum wage hikes, spending $10,000 of his own money in 2006 to block a Nevada ballot initiative raising the minimum wage to just $6.15. He’s shown open contempt for his own workers, calling them “the best of the worst.” A report from the National Employment Law Project estimated Puzder’s low pay costs taxpayers $250 million a year in public assistance.

Puzder has said he would like to replace Carl’s Jr. workers with machines because they “never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall, or an age, sex, or race discrimination case.” Puzder has also supported repealing the Affordable Care Act and cuts to Medicaid, even while he forces his own workers to rely on these programs by denying them health care.

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