We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

From Your New Union President

I am incredibly honored and excited to greet you as the new president of 32BJ SEIU! Yesterday I stood with the new officers and Executive Board of our proud local as we were sworn into office by Mary Kay Henry, president of our parent body, the Service Employees International Union. I looked around the room and was energized by the diversity of our family: we live in states from Connecticut down to Florida; we are cleaners, security officers, residential workers, window cleaners, theater and stadium and school workers; we are men and women and black and white and Latino and Caribbean and European and Asian and more.

But most of all, we are committed in our united fight to ensure a better future for working families and our communities. I stood before you for the first time as president and felt once again how important our work together is — we are transforming the lives of working people, and securing an economy and a country that works for everyone, not just the super-rich or those in power. And this work counts on each one of us stepping up, taking leadership, and standing together. Our first task is to reelect President Obama on November 6, and then to remain organized to advance policies that rebalance the scales for working people.

Commit today to working with me and the whole 32BJ family in continuing to build a force for justice.

Thank you for the honor and opportunity to serve as your president; I look forward to leading the way as we move forward together. For more information about the new leadership team, take a look at our newly redesigned website.

¡Si se puede!

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