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Member’s Husband Detained by ICE

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by Héctor Figueroa
32BJ President

Yahaira works as a doorperson on the Upper East Side and is a member of SEIU 32BJ. On the morning of Tuesday, March 21, her husband Juan Vivares and father to their 14 month old son was arrested at his ICE check in.  Juan was recently denied an asylum claim on a technical issue but Yaharia, who is a U.S. Citizen, has filed a family-based petition, which is still pending.  We need you to join us in calling for Juan’s immediate release and for him to be permitted to remain in the country with his family.

Here is what you can do to help Juan and Yahaira:

First:Sign this petition to tell ICE that Juan must be allowed to stay in the US!


Second: Call 212-843-3583 and ask to speak with the Supervising Officer Medina.

“I am calling on behalf of Juan Vivares Mazo, A# 088-077-226, who ICE detained on March 21st. Juan must be released from ICE custody immediately. He has no criminal history. He is married to a US citizen and they have a US citizen child, for whom Juan is the primary caretaker. Juan is waiting on the adjudication of his family-based petition. He must be able to reunite with his family while he waits. Thank you!”

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