We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York


Working People Will Not Be Defeated
Working people have come together in the past to stand united. That’s what we plan to do now. We will not let a court case hold us back from supporting ourselves and our families.... Read More »
Fight Republican Budget Cuts
As Congressional leaders prepare to vote on a budget, it’s clear that many Republicans on the Hill don’t have the best interests of working people at heart. Read More »
You Deserve Quality Health Care
Nothing is more important than being well and healthy. That’s why your union fights so hard to protect your health care. Read More »
Juan Is Free!
We are overjoyed to announce that after two weeks of detention, Juan Vivares is home with his family! Read More »
Residential Workers in the Bronx Need Our Support
Phipps Houses, the city’s largest non-profit affordable housing developer, has not fulfilled its moral obligations to support working class New Yorkers. Read More »
Member’s Husband Detained by ICE
We need you to join us in calling for Juan Vivares’ immediate release and for him to be permitted to remain in the country with his family. Read More »
32BJ Members Interview City Council Candidates in NYC
Now more than ever, we need to elect officials who will fight for good union jobs and respect. On Thursday March 16th, City Council candidates will come to be interviewed by this group. Read More »
Remembering Our Union Brother Miguel Gonzalez
Last week as a winter storm hit our region hard we tragically lost one of our residential brothers in New York City, Miguel Gonzalez, who died in an accident while shoveling snow at his... Read More »
Puzder Is Unfit to Serve as Labor Secretary
Protest during lunchtime rush at local McDonald’s against Trump Labor Secretary nominee and CKE CEO Andy Puzder Monday, February 13th at 12:30 pm McDonalds at Corner of Broadway and Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan... Read More »
Statement from 32BJ President Hector Figueroa on Passing of Doorman Miguel Gonzalez
We are deeply saddened by the loss of doorman and 32BJ member Miguel Gonzalez, who passed away this morning while shoveling snow at the building where he worked for many years. Read More »
We Must Protect Immigrant Families
Here are two ways to support for your immigrant brothers and sisters in this urgent hour. Read More »
Fast Food Workers to Go to City Hall to Urge Council to Pass Package of Bills to Win a Fair Work Week & Better Jobs
Fast-food workers are visiting City Council members this Tuesday, January 24th to urge them to move quickly to pass a package of laws that would provide for more regular schedules in the industry so... Read More »
New York Minimum Wage Workers: Check your Paycheck—You Got a Raise!
As of December 31, 2016 the minimum wage in New York went up for workers around the state. Nearly 2 million people should see a change in their paychecks! Read More »
Come to Washington DC. to Recommit to Dr. King’s Principles
On Saturday, January 14, just days ahead of the Presidential Inauguration and the weekend of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s national holiday, we are joining the National Action Network and thousands of others... Read More »
Open Letter to the Broward County Commission
We are asking you to use your power to improve the situation for the thousands of workers that make Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport a world class airport. Read More »
This Is What We Stand For
It is only by standing together that we achieve our vision for an America where all work is valued and every family has the opportunity to thrive. Read More »
Toomey Has Rhetoric and Fear, Katie McGinty Has Actual Plans to Make Our Lives Better
Building a better economy and a better society should be about breaking down barriers to opportunity for our children, not building walls. We are better than fear-mongering. Pennsylvania’s deserve better, and that’s Katie McGinty. Read More »
Change Begins at Home
Voters in the Hudson Valley appalled by Trump now have a chance to send a message that could reverberate nationally, not just by rejecting the head of the ticket, but also by electing Senate... Read More »
Our Vote Is Not Just for Issues, But Also for Respect
In this important election, we’re not just choosing policymakers. We need to elect candidates who will see us as full people, who understand our needs and can empathize with our challenges. Candidates who show... Read More »
All Politics Is Local: Why I am Supporting Joe Hohenstein in Pennsylvania
I support Joe Hohenstein for State Rep, Hillary Clinton for President and Katie McGinty for Senate because the stakes have never been higher. Read More »
Coming Together for a Good Contract
This year more than 400 32BJ Western Pennsylvania school members will bargain for new contracts. However, the bargaining environment has never been tougher. Read More »
At Logan Airport: Faces Of Economic Inequality
Anyone looking to capture an image of income inequality at a glance need look only to a major metropolitan airport like Logan International Airport. Read More »
I Stand with Katie McGinty
My name is Mike Brown. I am a 32BJ SEIU security officer with Allied Barton at Temple University. On Tuesday, I am supporting Katie McGinty because she stands with working people. Read More »
Winning in the 1st State
The new year is off to a good start for commercial office cleaners in Delaware. We now have a strong, new four-year agreement thanks to months of hard work in the buildings and at... Read More »
What We Achieved in Hudson Valley in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in the Hudson... Read More »
What We Achieved in Florida in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in Florida throughout... Read More »
What We Achieved in New York in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in New York... Read More »
What We Achieved in Connecticut in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in Connecticut throughout... Read More »
What we achieved in New Jersey in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in New Jersey... Read More »
What We Achieved in New England in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in New England... Read More »
What We Achieved in the Capital Area District in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in the Capital... Read More »
What We Achieved in Pennsylvania and Delaware in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in Pennsylvania and... Read More »
BOLR’s Proposals Will Set Us Back
We are fighting for $15 because we have goals and dreams for our families. We want our children to have an opportunity to go to college and achieve the American Dream. Read More »
Hillary Clinton for President
Your 32BJ Executive Board voted to support the SEIU’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the best choice for president. Read More »
A Banner Year for Pittsburgh!
Pittsburgh commercial cleaners ratified a new four-year contract that increases wages and protects and expands benefits. Read More »
Victory Is Ours in Pittsburgh!
We fought back and we won! Commercial office cleaners in Pittsburgh and the suburbs have a strong tentative agreement! Read More »
Vote for the PA 3: Dougherty, Wecht and Donohue
Elected officials make a difference: for our contracts, for labor laws, and for our ability to support our families. We need a PA Supreme Court that stands with working families or all of our... Read More »
Philly Contract Ratified!
Philly members overwhelmingly ratified a new commercial contract that provides wage increases and protects benefits. Read More »
Fighting for Our Livelihood
As a proud commercial office cleaner and 32BJ member in Center City Philadelphia, I am fighting for my livelihood and for the more than 2,800 brothers and sisters covered under this union contract. Read More »
A Historic Deal for Pittsburgh Security!
Maria Centeno is one of nearly 1,000 Pittsburgh security officers to win their first-ever union contract in the Steel City with 32BJ. Read More »
VICTORY! #WhenWeFightWeWin!
With perseverance, hard work and the help of you all, our brothers and sisters at Cross Point, Lowell, MA and Nagog Park in Acton, MA are winning the battle against injustice. Read More »
Victory in Bed-Stuy!
After a six-month fight, our brothers at 1711 Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy scored a huge victory. Read More »
Power Versus Passion in the Hartford Mayoral Primary
Pedro Segarra will stand on our members’ side and on the side of all the working men and women of Hartford, Connecticut. Read More »
Bargaining Begins in Pittsburgh
This week we kicked off bargaining for more than 1,000 commercial office cleaners working downtown and in the suburbs. Read More »
Why I Am on Strike at FLL
I am on strike at FLL because our employers G2 and Eulen are retaliating against workers who speak up for better wages and treatment. Read More »
“Hartford Is Not for Sale”: Re-Elect Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra!
Let’s work together to re-elect Pedro Segarra as mayor of Hartford. We need to make sure our local community is led by someone who fully understands and represents the diversity of our community. Read More »
New Commercial Contract in DC/VA/MD!
Commercial members in DC/VA/MD ratified a new contract that raises pay and will help hundreds of part-time cleaners get full time work! Read More »
Victory in the Fight for $15
The wage board established by NY Gov. Cuomo has sided with the workers and set the minimum wage for fast food workers at $15 by 2018. Read More »
Fighting Back Against TEVA
TEVA’s actions have destroyed the lives of ten janitors and their families and could lower standards for all 32BJ janitors. We are fighting back. Read More »
When We Fight, We Win!
32BJ cleaners in New Jersey won a big victory against a contractor that tried to get rid of them because of their union affiliation. Read More »