NY Schools Contract Ratification Vote

We are happy to announce that the contract agreement has been overwhelmingly ratified. Together we made many improvements to your working conditions and secured prevailing wage for all. This is a great victory in our work together to protect excellent middle-class jobs for New York City school workers.

Congratulations on this win! It took a long time to get here and it would not have been possible without the effort of many school members like you.

You can find a copy of your new contract here.  Please take some time to read it.

Highlights of the New Tentative Agreement

Leaves of absence and vacations:

Employees with 4 years or more of service will be able to request up to 45 days of Emergency leave and those with 5 years or more a 2 week unpaid personal leave to extend vacation time.


All cleaners and Handy Persons are paid the prevailing wage. Schools workers will no longer be subject to the delays in the City’s bargaining cycles. In addition Employees who do work in a higher classification shall be paid for that work at the rate applicable for the higher classification. Employees who substitute for an employee in a higher classification will be paid at the applicable rate for that classification.

Job security:

If there is a reduction in force in your building, you have the right to bump the most junior person in your job classification in the borough. If you are laid off, you have recall rights for twelve months.

Posting of vacancies:

Preference will be given to those in the building based on seniority for the filling of vacancies and open positions; if not filled by someone in the building preference given to those in bargaining unit.

Streamlined grievance process:

The union can proceed to arbitration if the employer refuses to set a meeting within the first 30 days of the filing of a grievance.

Protections against unfair treatment and unfair distribution of workloads:

Your shift can’t be changed for arbitrary or abusive reasons. You also can’t be given a workload that is significantly greater than your co-workers on the same shift in the same classification.


50% of the net savings from implementation of the summer vacation replacement rate will go to the pension fund. In addition, you now have the right to have pre tax deductions from your pay to contribute to your Supplemental retirement plan.


Full-time workers have a right to two paid fifteen minute breaks.

Direct deposit:

You have the choice to authorize the employer to have your pay deposited right into your bank account.

All schools workers together!

ABM and Temco employees will be employed by NYCSSS as of November 4th and covered by this new agreement. All schools workers can vote to ratify the contract on October 12th..

This has been a year of important victories for all schools members. We won equal pay for equal work and a fair contract. Thank you to all members who rallied, met with the mayor and other elected officials and fought for good jobs—because you took action, you won a great contract!