Raise America!

More than 13,000 commercial office cleaners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have begun negotiating for a fair commercial contract that creates a pathway to more full-time jobs, protects hard-won benefits while winning a fair wage increase.

Last year we fought for and won great contracts as a part of the national campaign to Raise America with Good Jobs, but that campaign isn’t done.

Commercial cleaners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the final group of 32BJ members fighting to Raise America with a strong contract that delivers better wages, family health insurance and access to more full-time jobs and hours.

Together, you and your co-workers can help your brothers and sisters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island bring it home! Make sure to mark Saturday, September 10 on your calendar and be ready to join hundreds of other 32BJ members in Boston for the biggest 32BJ event this year!

As we’ve already seen in New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, if we stay united as one and don’t give up the fight until we have a contract that provides dignity, respect and enough to provide for our families, we can’t lose.